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The InDependent Spouse podcast

The weekly InDependent Spouse podcast is a series of fun, informative podcasts for the military spouse business owner

The InDependent Spouse podcast was born from a need to hear something new.

A need to hear from the inspirational men and women who experience service life from the ‘home-front’ while creating successful businesses.

To give a voice to those who are already achieving amazing things, and to inspire those who dream of doing the same.

As the traditional role of the ‘military spouse’ continues to evolve in line with the military itself, it seems only fitting to reflect these changes in a modern way. What’s also clear is the importance of developing your own role; one that gives you, the spouse, your own voice while also complimenting that of the service member.

In this series, Jess, a current military spouse running a business while living the ‘magnolia wall life’, explores the world of running a business by chatting to inspiring military entrepreneurs who do the same.

 So sit back and listen to their personal stories. Hopefully one day we’ll hear from you!

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Feb 19, 2020

Hello you lovely lot, it’s the last episode of series 3 today, and this time I have been talking to the completely inspirational Dr. Emma Egging, from the Jon Egging Trust.

On 20th August 2011, Flt Lt Jon Egging lost his life whilst completing a display at the Bournemouth Air Festival. He was coming to the end of his...

Feb 12, 2020

Hello you lovely lot and welcome back to another inspirational episode, this week I have been talking to Phoebe from Off the Patch.

We talk a lot about setting up a business and the challenges you can face doing that, how she managed to launch a start-up during a difficult pregnancy and her husband was deployed and...

Feb 5, 2020

Hello you lovely lot, and welcome back to the InDependent Spouse – the voice of inspirational people doing amazing things, who also happen to be married to serving Armed Forces personnel.

Today, in episode 30, I am talking to the completely lovely blogger and social media influencer Charlotte.

Charlotte started her...